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Ecclesiastes 3:1 --- “There is a Time for Everything”

During the evening of December 3, 2006, I closed the gate to “LoRand” for the last time, taking with me all the love, memories, blessings, miracles and riches that God had provided. The next day, I signed papers concluding the sale of the property located at 2942 Spanntown Road, Arrington, TN. As I look forward to God’s new, yet unknown plan for my life, I’m very optimistic and excited because “LoRand” had not only taken very good care of me but gave me the greatest school that the “Tennessean / Harvard” extension could provide! Haw! Through all the aches & pains, victories & defeats, births, injuries, healings, hay bailing, seminars, good times & bad, happiness & sadness, on & on ------- It has been an Awesome Ride & Outstanding Journey!
“LoRand” was a retreat and sanctuary for those that live close by and those that were traveling from coast to coast. One sells property (land & dirt) but all the good memories are the very special gifts that I have taken with me and will keep forever. I hope you do the same.
For all that have ever visited or boarded at “LoRand” just remembering it will put a smile on your face! That makes it all worthwhile!
Thank you and God Bless You!


For those of you that are looking for boarding or lessons, please contact me or the address below. This lady is extremely accomplished with a terrific & caring manner that makes boarding, learning or just “hanging out” FUN!
Now that is a true WINNER!

Darlene Dixon-Bottorff    or  (ph: 615-395-4228)

Please contact Lora at the LoRand phone number: 
615-791-8022 and add my cell: 615-554-0469 for any questions and more information


Mission Statement

         I believe that my life’s experiences, family background and schooling have fine tuned and placed me in a profession where I can use the blending of my natural and trained skills to help others find some peace and joy in spending time with nature and animals.
For example, in my heart, a horse is not just a mode of transportation that you only give fuel (with hay and feed) to get where you want to go. A horse is a “real” friend! Just like “us”, horses were not made and designed out of a “cookie cutter”. Each and every one is very special, unique and has their own personality.
It is my mission to help and share with others, the wonderful learning and healing experience I’ve received from horses. When people don’t act or treat you the way they should, your equine friend continues to give unconditional friendship that makes up for the unpleasantness received from others.
If you are ready for some riding lessons, learning about care and etc., there are many great qualified personnel in the area that will either come to LoRand or I will send you there to see that you get the safest most skilled teaching.


Lora J. Chilton          


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LoRand Stables

Lora Chilton  - Owner/Manager
Arrington, TN  37014