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LoRand Stables
LoRand Stables

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Open House

Saturday, September 25th
3pm till dark

Thanks for all who came to the Genesis/Lorand open house! It was a huge success. A wonderful showcase of the horses of Genesis Equestrian Center was only the start to a wonderful night. Next, Darlene showed off her skills with a talented and beautiful ride on Lasodo+//.

We wanted to combine the efforts to bring together our friends, family, clients, and other horse enthusiasts to celebrate Lasodo+// having earned the distinction of being one of the Top 5 All-Time Winning Arabian Stallions in the history of IAHA Nationals. We’re also extremely pleased to show off the arrival of our newest foal, Cosmic Mystery.

For more information about Genesis, contact Darlene:

8282 Haley Ln
College Grove, TN